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Clever Techniques For Giving Your Customers More Value

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Are you making the most out of your current customers? Most businesses – particularly new ones – spend too much time seeking out new clients. While this is an important task, it misses an important point. It is far cheaper to sell to your current customers. You have already found them, so it removes a significant proportion of your spend. And when it comes to reducing your cost of sale, customer retention is one of the key factors to focus on. So how can you give more to your current clients? Let’s take a closer look.

View yourself as your customers do

If you can see your business as your clients do, then you will be able to work out how to give them more value. Look at everything you do and focus on what is important for your target market. It will enable you to remove the wheat from the chaff and start seeing what matters. Always look at the benefits you bring your customer, rather than the features. Explain it to the in these terms, and connect with their emotions. Inspire people to buy from you, rather than giving them a sales pitch.

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Focus on customer service

Great customer service doesn’t just improve your reputation, it also helps you win more sales. For example, let’s say a client walks into your shop and asks for the latest games console for their kids. You could give them the console straight away, they pay, and you might think it’s a good job, well done. But you have missed a trick. Your customer will take the console home, and when their children open it they won’t have any games to play. They will be disappointed, and you will have lost out on the opportunity to bundle in some extra games and made more profit.

Throw in additional services

Let’s say you are a content marketer looking for new clients. Your choices will be limited to people who have a website already and are just looking to make improvements. But what if you could offer a fuller, more complete service? You might partner up with a local web developer, for example. Or you could sign up to an SEO reseller service to ensure that your clients are ranking well. Finding complementary businesses to your own is a great way to boost your customer base, and get more sales out of every client.

Give things away

Giveaways and free resources are another excellent way to encourage more sales. They are great tools for building brand awareness. Every time your customer uses them, they will remember you – which is what marketing is all about. There are a million and one things you can try, from branded pens and calendars to free ebooks and guides. As long as it is consistent with what your market and what your customers want, it can be a great way to give them more value.

Do you have any other ideas on adding value for your clients? Let us know about your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!


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