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The Global Opportunities Available to Bilinguals

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In a world where everything seems to be digitalized, human connection is more important than ever. Being able to speak more than one language comes with great benefits, especially in the work field.

If many other skills can be easily developed in maybe just a couple of weeks, being able actually to express yourself fluently in another language is far more difficult to achieve. Many even have a hard time expressing themselves in their native language, especially in public. And when businesses are growing more and more global, reaching out to international contexts becomes crucial. So it comes as no surprise that bilinguals are highly rated among employers.

Not only are they highly valued, but also better paid. Research shows that people speaking at least one foreign language can earn up to $10,000 more than someone who can only speak English. It does sound as if success in business is tightly related to being bilingual. So here are some of the great opportunities you get when you are bilingual:

1. Your Professional Competitiveness Is Growing

Being a bilingual or, even better, a multilingual translates into having a clear advantage over other non-bilingual employees. Many companies, especially those very active on a global level, are specifically targeting bilinguals to become a part of their teams. The struggle to reach out to as many clients as possible on an international level to be able to connect with them, to relate to their needs and cultural expectations is what makes employers look for someone who’s up for the job. Most companies are aware of the wind of change and are investing massively in getting their employees trained and educated.

The quest for bilinguals is also the reason why professional language recruitment companies are constantly growing. So, if you speak a second language, such as German, French, or Dutch, connect with a bilingual/multilingual recruitment specialist who can help you find the best job for your needs and skills.

2. New Career Opportunities Just for Bilinguals

With such a strong demand for bilinguals and multilingual, it is no wonder that the job market has morphed to adopt this need. According to CNN, it seems that fluency in a foreign language beats all other hot job skills you could think of. Translators and interpreters are one of the 15 fastest growing occupations in the USA, with salaries getting to a very competitive level.

There’s clearly never been a better time to start developing your language skills.

3. Entrepreneurial Strategy Wants You

Your foreign language abilities can put you on the front line for advancement into higher levels of business. Business growth has a lot to do with relating to new, international markets and to creating strong partnerships abroad. While everything is becoming global around us, customers are relating more and more to a sense of familiar. You need to be talking their language if you want to get their trust and their loyalty over time and this is where the new global entrepreneurial battlefield lies: growing into new territories.

Getting to understand what this new market needs is a must and so is being able to connect with them in the comfort of their home and of their language. Fluency in a foreign language makes you a much stronger candidate for higher positions in international companies.

Not only does a foreign language give you a clear boost on your holidays but it can also get you a much better job. Learn it, speak it, and flaunt it and your career will only benefit from it.

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