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5 Of the World’s Biggest Online Libraries to Research African-American Culture

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Whether public libraries will ever come to an end or not remains to be seen, but libraries online are currently thriving due to how far technology has come in recent years, making them the perfect way to research information and gain knowledge about African-American culture. Many students prefer to use online libraries for their studies because it is a convenient way to do their research without leaving their homes. There are only a few rural areas in which public libraries do not exist, but either way, online libraries are able to cater for everybody seeking information for whatever reason. If you are a regular user of the internet for research purposes, have a look at the five biggest online libraries below to see if they can benefit your research experience when it comes to African-American culture.

1. Universal Digital Library

The Universal Digital Library online is a great website for those looking to read books written by famous black people that have changed the world in their own ways. The site itself consists of millions of pages of content that will surely give you the opportunity to learn anything and everything about black culture.

2. Ibiblio

If you are a student studying African-American culture, you will benefit massively when using Ibiblio for research purposes. This website has millions of reference material, academic papers, software, and music to take advantage of, so you will have plenty of content to get through whenever you want it.

3. Google Books

If there is a book you are looking for to be able to download and read, you’ll want to start taking advantage of the Google Books database. This database contains more than 100,000 books, making it the prime resource for book lovers and those who require downloadable reference material.

4. Bartleby

Bartleby is a unique website when it comes to any knowledge you require. This site is filled with hundreds of thousands of references and is the place to visit to research anything to do with African-American culture. The site itself is also filled with many books, both fiction and non-fiction, so you’ll be able to get a taste of both.

5. Internet Public Library

Another very good source for anybody looking for information on almost any subject is the Internet Public Library. This site is massive and is filled with magazines, papers, stories, thousands of books, and plenty of information on a variety of subjects.

The above sites will surely make your research easy when it comes to learning more about African-American culture. Of course, you could still take advantage of public libraries, as they do still offer many other benefits, such as being able to get advice from librarians who have a master of information degree or have studied using an online MLIS program with Rutgers Online. Whichever way you choose to research black culture, you can be sure both methods will offer you the opportunity to gain the knowledge you seek.

Photo Credit: Fifty Shades Black Stock

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