Home Invasion Is More Common Than You Think
Home Invasion Is More Common Than You Think
January 31, 2017
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What Makes The Right Customer?
February 2, 2017

How to Capture Your Website Visitors in the First 60 Seconds

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First impressions matter.

We live in a society that regularly communicates with one another in 140 characters. So, any message longer could potentially lose a person’s attention span. This makes the task of marketing a product very difficult.

A website’s goal is to gain momentum and engage with individuals. The first 60 seconds is highly important as if you don’t capture their interest then, they’re just going to leave your site. If you want to learn how to keep people invested, read on.

The First Second is Important

All website designers understand that audiences don’t take well to heavy information crowded into landing pages. Our brains have been wired to quickly scan, read fast and take in what appeals to us. If it’s hard to interpret and gather information in the first few seconds, audience attention will be taken elsewhere.

Every user is different, so it’s hard to argue how long you actually have to draw a response, but the fact remains that a landing page has just a few brief moments to inspire and engage.

The first moments on a website is crucial as the reader will evaluate the information provided and decide if it’s useful to them. If the viewer deems the materials acceptable, then they will explore longer. If not, they will leave the site immediately without ever questioning their decision. Whether it be digital media or a striking statement, feature something that will stand out.

Graphic Design and Message Must be Aligned

Top graphic designers think of a website as a wide canvas, and their main job is to create an informative landing page that stands out from the competition. For effective results, it’s smart to choose quality images that are paired with the right text, which offers a concise message. Find the solution to your design woes with a reliable graphic design company and watch your website blossom.

Visitors easily consume this approach, and once you have captured their attention span, additional content must be provided to pique interest. The flow of the copy must be relatable to the reader in order to develop the connection. If the text is too complex or disjointed, then the audience quickly tunes out. The website needs to be entertaining and relevant enough to sustain visitors.

Demonstrate Contrast

The human brain needs to see clear contrast to make a quick, rational decision thus avoiding confusion, which often results in a delayed response. Websites work best when they allow visitors to see the benefits of a product or service in a before-and-after format. Try to show any form of transformation that confirms the guarantees stated in the product or service’s testimonial.

Show Some Emotions

One of the oldest tricks in advertising has found its way into the online community. It’s creating some emotion in the users that have been drawn to your content.  If you can ignite that spark, then people will not only pay attention to your website but suggest it to others.

Most companies reinforce their message via graphics by using emotional images with effective copy. The hope is the visuals strike a chord inside individuals who identify with the story.

Say Goodbye to Clutter

Decluttering a landing page is removing inessential information to provide a clear path for the website’s images and content. The more space available, the more visible the message becomes. All of the distractions surrounding the copy provided allows the user to shift their attention away from the task at hand.

The clean-up process includes discarding certain page items that have no general interest while re-organising the remaining content in the order of popularity. Providing too many hyperlinks or buttons to click encourages the user to leave the landing page at a moment’s notice. You’re trying to give them an environment where they can research their topic with little distraction as possible.

If you want to lower your bounce rate and see sales climb, you’re going to have to look at redesigning your

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