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What Makes The Right Customer?

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Your business needs a customer base to survive, there’s no doubt about that. But not all customer bases are equal and not all of them can be reached the same way. Even more important, not every customer carries the same weight in terms of their value. The right business depends on the right customers. Here’s how you get them on your side.

Define the ideal customer

Market research is going to help you fill in a lot of the blanks of what kind of people you’re trying to target with the business. It’s going to help you see demand and from which demographics that demand comes from. While your business shouldn’t necessarily be exclusionary, it can help you define a clearer message and make sure you’re hitting the right places by creating a mental image of your ideal customer. What are their needs? What age are they? What industries do they work in? What challenges in their lifestyle might get between them and the product? Where are they more likely to be exposed to your marketing materials? Building that profile to answer those questions is important.

Start a dialogue

Once you have your idea customer laid out, you need to think of how you’re going to win them over. Particularly in markets that are already competitive, it’s a good idea to create a brand persona with the explicit purpose of standing out from the crowd and offering something new. Find your niche and get into some market positioning, offering yourself as the alternative that specifically provides what the others are not.

Be the answer to their questions

Thinking about their needs and problems they might face is a great way to more specifically target your marketing. Rather than hoping your advertising reaches the right people, make it easier to the right people to reach your business. For instance, the use of specific keywords and other visibility building techniques used by SEO Direct and other experts can make it a lot more likely that your business is the one that people will find when they’re looking for solutions that you can help them with. You can make it even more likely by creating content that answers questions relevant to the services you provide, as well.

Know which clients are worth more

You want to keep as many customers as you can to better grow. Providing the proper support and getting feedback on how to improve your services is a great way to show dedication to your customer base. But trying to fit in every suggestion you get will pull the business in half-a-hundred directions until it’s no longer sustainable. Identify the customers who seem to share the same wants and needs from the business, as well as those who provide the greatest long-term opportunity. It’s not unfair to weigh their suggestions and needs over those customers who go against the grain.

Finding your customers and keeping them happy is important. However, that doesn’t mean clutching at every single one of them like it’s a matter of life-or-death. Sometimes, to keep those most important and profitable, you have to learn when to let go another.

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