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Keep Safe Simple With These Security Products

Keep Safe Simple With These Security Products

Sometimes you just need that extra layer of protection for peace of mind. Keeping yourself and your family safe are a top priority, and in this day and age, you can never be too careful. There are many ways you can keep safe while still acting within the law. This means carrying things you are actually permitted to carry. Holding guns and knives on your person can sometimes raise the danger of a situation instead of calming it down, especially if you aren’t trained.

Self Defense Spray

This usually comes in the form of a pepper spray and allows you to spray a mixture of harmful chemicals into the eye of an attacker that won’t cause permanent damage but instead will cause them to stop in their tracks and become preoccupied with cleansing their eyes, giving you time to escape and call the police. They are relatively easy to use and come in varying sizes and qualities. Best keep them out of the sun and if not used in a year or so replace them to ensure they work properly when needed.

Stun Gun

A stunner delivers an electric shock to your attacker, causing their muscles to seize up and giving you precious time to escape. Unlike pepper spray, you have to get close enough to jab the prongs into an attacker’s body, which comes with an element of risk. However, they are an effective tool in self-defense and can allow peace of mind. They can be easily concealed in a handbag or pocket and come in all kinds of sizes and voltages. Just make sure the voltage is in line with your country’s legal parameters. You can find many different kinds of stun guns, other self-defense items, and surveillance at the spy store.

Tracking Technology

It sounds slightly invasive, and it becomes so when used to check an adults whereabouts without cause. But when it comes to children tracking can be a great way to ensure your child is where they should be and aren’t in any danger. You can find some great apps which allow you to see exactly where your child’s phone is and in turn where they are. If they go missing you can find them with ease, or alternately if they break curfew you can find them pretty easily. It gives you that peace of mind and them a sense of freedom.

A Home Weapon

Self-defense in the home is a strange subject and the line between assault and self-defense has been blurred many times in courtrooms across many different countries. The safe bet so to defend your home with a product, and not a weapon. If someone gets into your home you need to phone the police first, but it is only right that you defend yourself and your loved ones. Either use one of your self-defense weapons previously discussed, or keep a wooden baseball bat suitable to your size under your bed. It isn’t a weapon, but doubles as a club if need be.

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