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Go-Go-Gadget! Three Pieces Of Tech To Make You Feel Like You’re In A Movie

Go-Go-Gadget! Three Pieces Of Tech To Make You Feel Like You're In A Movie

One of the absolute best things about Hollywood movies is that they transport you to a world where it seems as though just about anything is possible. One of the best parts about the industry is the way that action movies introduce fantastic pieces of technology that help their heroes out of a jam at the last second. It’s pretty likely that all of us have had our hearts set on a piece of technology from a film at one time or another. Well, here’s the amazing part, some of them actually do exist! For the longest time the movies were filled with tech which might as well have been nothing more than a fantasy, but thanks to advances in science and engineering, a lot of them are now a fully fledged reality! To help you feel like a true Hollywood hero, here are a few pieces of tech that feel like they were pulled straight out of an action movie.

Spy gear

Ever wanted to feel like James Bond? Well, now you can, thanks to the kind of amazing tech that you can buy from places like spy store! Whether you’re looking for a mug that features a hidden camera, or microphones that you can hide in the walls, it’s now possible for you to live out your dreams of being an international super spy. This technology is actually used security measures by a lot of different businesses and is even used by real-life private investigators. Of course, you probably want to be pretty careful before you go ahead and start spying on your friends and neighbors!

Robot limbs

Prosthetics have always been right at the cutting edge of modern technology, but the dream has always been to create fantastic, sci-fi inspired robot limbs that behave just like the real thing. Well, scientists and engineers are getting pretty darn close to that now. There are now bionic limbs available that interpret muscle movement and electrical impulses from the wearer that can cause them to move in responsive and intuitive ways. This is not only a great piece of tech on its own but is also the kind of thing that will surely improve millions of lives across the world. Proof that following Hollywood’s lead doesn’t always need to be about creating things that exist just yo be as cool as possible.


Speaking of things that are as cool as possible, there are hoverboards now! Really! There are actually a whole bunch of different hoverboards that have been in development for a long time, but the most effective utilize magnets in order to work. The design is actually meant to test the magnetic technology that will be used in architecture, allows the earth to shift underneath a building without causing any structural damage. But the doesn’t mean the hoverboard itself isn’t completely awesome! It glides perfectly along a magnetic track just a few inches off the ground. Sure you might not be able to whizz around your town the way that Marty McFly did in Back To The Future, but who knows what will happen even in the next few years!

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