Capitalize On Your Commercial Property
Capitalize On Your Commercial Property
March 31, 2017
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March 31, 2017

5 Types Of Software To Simplify Your Business

5 Types Of Software To Simplify Your Business

Digital technology has greatly sped up the rate at which we conduct business. New software is constantly being developed to help simplify previously time-consuming and mundane admin tasks. If you’re currently looking for ways to bring your business well and truly into the 21st Century, here are just a few of the programs that could help simplify and modernize your business.

Accountancy software

Bookkeeping can be a tedious task but is very much necessary in case the taxman comes knocking round. There are various types of accountancy software available on the market that can take the stress out of bookkeeping by automatically calculating taxes and expenses. Such software can clearly lay out your finances for any tax inspector or accountant to clearly interpret. It’s time to ditch the spreadsheets, and most certainly time to ditch pen and paper.

Infrastructure management software

There is now software that can organize your entire business with analytics, reporting trends and recording when things go right and when things go wrong so that you can act upon them. This type of infrastructure management software is becoming adopted more and more frequently among businesses, as a way of monitoring progress through hard data. Instead of relying on weekly meetings and reports to get to grips with progress, you as a boss can simply check this software to see where you and your staff are up to.

Video communication software

Meeting up in person costs time and money and phone conversations can be limiting as they don’t allow you to visually communicate. It’s for this reason that video communication software is becoming increasingly more popular in business. They can be used when meeting a new client across the country (or across the world) for the first time. They can be used to interview potential applicants. They can even be used to give guided tours of your premises or presentations. Such software can even be accessed on your phone as an app so that you can video-chat on the move.

IT consultancy/security software

A new type of software that is becoming more commonly used by business is IT consultancy and security. Instead of having to call round an IT technician whenever there’s a computer fault, you can simply outsource an IT company that can constantly monitor your network and immediately react if something goes wrong. Many such companies will also allow you to store all your files on a remote cloud server, which is protected with the most advanced digital security available. If your network is hacked or your office burns down or a burglar breaks in and steals all your equipment, all your data will still be available on a cloud server, allowing you to continue business, as usual, unaffected and unscathed.

Diary sharing software

If you and your colleagues are constantly out of the office and you need to keep tabs on them all, diary sharing software can be especially useful. Such software allows users to create their own diaries and share them with select people so that everyone knows what each other is doing throughout the day. This software is available as an app and so can be accessed from anywhere. If you need to ring someone but don’t want to disturb them in case they’re in a meeting, you can simply check their diary and have a clear idea when to ring.

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