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March 31, 2017
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March 31, 2017

Don’t Let These Problems Kill Your Website

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Everyone tells you that you need a website. Everyone also exaggerates how simple the process of building and maintaining a website can be. These days, with about a million cheap solutions for web hosting and development, it can be easy to get a little complacent and forget about the intricacies. But when that happens, you end up introducing problems to your website that can eventually kill it. If you have any of these problems on your website, kill them first!

Navigation frustration

This is one of the most common errors made when people first set up websites. The question of navigation seems easy enough, at first. But it’s actually quite an involved part of web design, and for good reason: it’s absolutely key to creating a good user experience. Whatever page your visitor is on, they need to have a pretty clear idea of how to get to where they want to go. So you need to think carefully about what pages you want on your website, what style of navigation interface you want, and what the links themselves are going to be called. Confusion in this area tends to be one of the top reasons people end up hiring web designers!


Big, high-quality images. Video players. Flashy animations. These things can make a website jump to people’s attention – but they can also cause users to experience slowdown if you’re not moderate enough with those sorts of features. Another thing you need to remember: not everyone has really fast Internet. Heck, most people in America still don’t have access to the 25 mbps Internet speed that a lot of people would consider standard for a broadband connection. So don’t go into this assuming people are going to have as fast a connection as you. Don’t go overboard with bandwidth-heavy content, and remember to use a reliable web host.

High costs

Whether your website is a blog that you want to gain income from, or a website designed to promote your business and host sales options, you need to make sure it doesn’t cost more than it brings in. What you’re bringing in should cover the costs of web hosting and content creation, at least. A lot of business owners will spend more money creating content and increasing advertising in order to bring in more traffic and increase revenue that way. This can work, of course. But you may want to take a step back and look at how much you’re paying to keep the website afloat. It may be that you’re getting ripped off! It might be worth looking into cheap hosting.

Lack of mobile functionality

Sure, most people still prefer to surf the web on their desktop or their laptop. Very few people prefer the mobile version of a given website over the desktop version. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put any effort into the development of a mobile version of your website! Implementing strong mobile functionality can bring in a lot more revenue, and a version of your website that’s designed for use with the index finger and thumb combination of touchscreen interaction will help encourage people towards your website while they’re on the go.

Photo Credit: 50 Shades of Black Stock