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It’s an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare, but problematic staff members are a regular occurrence in business. As the owner of the company, finding a quick solution to those problems is vital. After all, employees are your greatest asset, and just one bad influence could be harming you dearly.

Bad employees can take many forms. By understanding the different types, along with the best methods to rectify those issues, you’ll be prepared for any situation. In turn, it could be the key to keeping harmony and productivity at the desired level.

What are you waiting for, boss? Let’s get to work.

The Thief

There’s nothing worse than giving someone a chance only to have them throw it back in your face. When you hire an employee, you are trusting them to show the respect that you deserve. Unfortunately, some will abuse that bond by stealing company items.

Whether it’s cash or assets doesn’t matter. Those tealeafing exploits are hitting your pocket. The best way to deal with this is to use a wifi spy cam to gain hard evidence of the thieving. Once you have that proof, firing the culprit is the only option.

After being confronted, the thief may promise not to do it again. Let’s face it; the trust has already been severed. Besides, the initial instances probably resulted in negative impacts for other staff members too.   

The Bully

 As a business owner, you already face huge workloads. Therefore, you simply might not have time to manage the staff culture as thoroughly as you’d like. Bullying, however, is one issue that cannot be ignored.

 Aside from the obvious effects it has on the victim. Personally, it can disrupt productivity. Those negative influences can quickly spread throughout the company until the unity of the team has taken a huge blow. Quite frankly, early detection is the key to stopping the problem.

An informal meeting involving all parties can help, but you need to know that the victim will make you aware of any future problems. Meanwhile, team building exercises and offering staff perks for group success can help smooth things over also. In the meantime, monitoring online communications is equally key.

The Slacker

You cannot expect your employees to work at 100% from the second they clock in until the moment they clock out. Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with demanding efficiency from every single member.

It can be tempting to assume one slacker won’t cause too much damage. In reality, if other employees see the culprit getting away with it, they may start to lower their work rates too. Monitoring the situation shouldn’t distract you from your personal goals. Nonetheless, confirming your suspicions early will allow you to deal with the problem far sooner.

 The methods used to combat the issue can vary between companies and employees. Sacking is a little extreme, but you will need to see quick improvements. Weekly targets and analysis can be a great way to get them back on track. Alternatively, you may need to invest in some extra staff training.  



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