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Giving A New Face To Your Workplace

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Whatever kind of business you’re running, the workplace is the heart of your company’s image. Perhaps your workplace is the business in the case of a store on the high street or perhaps your business operates from an office behind the scenes. In either case, whether your working area is in view of the public or not, the image you project of the working environment in which your brand and its products are created means everything with regards to impressing potential customers and also creating a successful business beneath the surface.

Giving a new face to your workplace isn’t just about keeping up appearances to trick your target market into thinking your brand is exciting and successful; it’s about ensuring that your marketing campaign accurately portrays the level of dedication, professionalism, and innovation at the heart of your business. You need to work from the very core of your business outwards in order to create a successful brand, which is why your business’ “image” needs to start in the workplace. If you’re unsure as to what your company could be doing to improve the face of its office or store, then here are some tips to really improve its appearance and behind-the-scenes operations.

Your employees are the face of the workplace

If you want to start projecting a more successful and appealing image of your business to potential and existing customers, then you have to focus on the element of your organization which draws them in: the human element. People connect with other people and not corporate slogans, so you need to ensure that your employees are approachable and engaging. To achieve this, you need to ensure the company culture is engaging to your employees as well as your customers.

That’s why an interesting brand has to be interesting below the surface, otherwise, the sour faces of your workers will give away that your company isn’t quite as enthusiastic or passionate as you claimed it to be. You could incentivise your employees with flexible working and perks of the job such as team outings to go-kart tracks; perhaps you could even put a pool table and other games in the back of the store or the break-room of your company’s office. You need to market your brand to your workers as well as your customers in order to get the two to engage with one another effectively. An employee who is gushing with excitement to be working for a certain brand is definitely going to make more of an impression on a potential customer.

Improve security

A professional business is one which projects the image of security in order to reassure its customers. Of course, this level of security shouldn’t just be surface-level protection for show; your company should be making steps to ensure its workplace is secure around the clock, whether it’s an office-based business or a shop on the high street open to the public at all hours. You could look into companies offering security guards to offer a physical presence to vulnerable workplaces such as construction sites or a retail store. Having a person on the premises to watch over things is helpful, but your workplace will mainly benefit from security procedures which act as a deterrent, such as CCTV cameras, as the prospect of being caught on a recording in the middle of a criminal act is often enough to deter any potential thieves.

This all gives your workplace the appearance of a strong, well-protected and efficient organization. Potential customers are more likely to trust a company when they feel as if their own data will be protected to the same level. That’s why, if you’re running an office, backing up your data on a cloud server might also be a smart move in terms of security, as you’ll be letting customers know that data can always be recovered in the event of loss or damage.

Improve communication

This applies to all levels of your business. You need to be communicating well with your employees, but your employees also need to be communicating well with customers. If there’s a break in the chain of communication with regards to new products and services or even potential problems that customers may be facing, then you’re portraying your business as an unprofessional and inefficient organization. You need to ensure that you keep all employees in the loop about issues or positives within the company through meetings and widespread emails so as to maintain cohesion across the organization and make every worker feel valued and included.



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