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Hacked Off – When Someone Uses Your IP For Illegal Activity

Hacked Off - When Someone Uses Your IP For Illegal Activity

Everyone knows that thousands of hackers operate on the internet every single day. They steal information and make their living from illegal activities. However, they always work hard to cover their tracks, and that could cause issues for you. For example, they might use your IP address to hack into a payment system and retrieve credit card details. When that happens, you’re sure to get a knock at the door from the police. Today, we’re going to spend some time highlighting the process you need to follow. The last thing you want is to get convicted of a crime you didn’t commit.  

Contact your internet service provider

Before you do anything else, you must contact your ISP and explain the issue you face. Let them know the police think you’ve hacked into a system, and tell them you are innocent. With a bit of luck, they might manage to gather information that proves you didn’t commit the crime. People can spoof your IP address from hundreds of miles away. That is especially the case if you don’t secure your home network. However, ISPs often have ways of identifying such instances and presenting proof that has occurred. You can then hand the evidence to the police or use it as part of your court case.

Get witness statements that explain your whereabouts

Witness statements are an excellent tool if you don’t have any luck with your ISP. Maybe you were on holiday when the alleged crime occurred? Perhaps you were in a different part of the country visiting family members. If you can find someone who can prove your whereabouts, you could get yourself off the hook. At the very least, their testimony will provide some counter evidence in the courtroom. Your IP address is linked to your router and location. So, unless you hacked yourself, it’s impossible for you to use it from somewhere else.

Contact a specialist lawyer

There are lots of lawyers out there with experience in cases of this nature. You just need to identify someone with a good track record that doesn’t charge the earth. Representatives from the Law Offices of Jerry Berry say instances like that are on the rise. Indeed, many legal professionals have to deal with them on a monthly basis. So, you should be spoiled for choice when it comes to employing representation. Just make sure you always read testimonials from previous clients and shop around to get the best deals.

Nobody wants the police to turn up at the door when they didn’t do anything wrong. That is why following the steps outlined on this page is critical. You could end up going to prison if you don’t defend yourself properly and get the right assistance. That could mean your children have to survive without a parent, and you struggle to find jobs in the future. The real hackers deserve everything coming to them, and so you shouldn’t feel bad about exposing them if it’s possible. In most instances, your ISP will provide all the evidence you require. However, sometimes you still might have to employ a lawyer if things get too stressful.

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    Kunbi Tinuoye
    Kunbi Tinuoye
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