Hacked Off - When Someone Uses Your IP For Illegal Activity
Hacked Off – When Someone Uses Your IP For Illegal Activity
March 1, 2017
Business Safety: Get it Right By Taking These Steps
Business Safety: Get it Right By Taking These Steps
March 2, 2017

Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself Online

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#WOCinTech Chat

You have to be careful what you do and say online. It can impact on your entire life, and you can’t make the mistake of thinking you can keep the person you are online and the person you are in public separate. Eventually, one will alter how people view the other. It can lead to loss of work, a damaged reputation and even issues with the law. Let’s look at some of the best ways to keep yourself protected online.

Keep Your Integrity

Be careful of the type of images you post of yourself and others online. It doesn’t take much for you to gain a negative reputation based only on your online persona. You should also think twice about sharing anything privately. There isn’t much stopping private files from being shared by others online. While there are laws to protect you from this type of behaviour, they aren’t exactly ironclad, and the terms can be quite complicated.

Of course, it’s not just about the images you share, it’s also about what you say on social profiles. Everything you release online improves or diminishes your character. So, if you do hold certain controversial views, you may want to keep them to yourself. By sharing them, you might face a negative backlash that will stick a lot longer than you’d like. A good rule is to not say anything online that you wouldn’t say in public. Online anonymity is a dangerous myth, you aren’t actually protected.

Hide Your Activity

Can you be one hundred percent sure that you have never accessed an illegal site online? Don’t forget sites such as piratebay.com and torrentz.eu are considered to be illegal. By accessing sites like this, you are breaking the law, and that’s just one example. You might also end up on an illegal site by following a popup. If that happens, you could still get in trouble. To avoid this, you might want to think about using a VPN. If you don’t know what this is you can find information on sites such as vpnsrus.com. With a virtual private network, you are gaining back some anonymity online. It’s possible to hide who you are and make sure people can’t access all your internet activities.

Careful What You Do Online

Finally, you might think it’s perfectly safe to buy or even handle monetary transactions online, but you’d be surprised. Internet fraud cases are actually on the rise. This is mainly due to the amount of online information people can get from your social profiles. Even keeping these private doesn’t squash the danger completely. It’s still possible for people to view the info if they hack in. That’s why you need to be careful about anything you post online.

You might also want to think twice about accessing accounts online that have large amounts of money. Otherwise, you can end up in a position where you could lose everything. You might think that you are covered and protected from this type of activity. But don’t be so sure. There have been cases where claimants haven’t been able to prove that the activities on their account were acts of fraud.




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