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Create A Marketing Campaign That Will Grab Your Audience

The Essential Aspects To Any Digital Marketing Campaign

As any business professional will know, a great idea requires a great marketing plan. You may have had your Eureka moment and came up with an idea for your company you are convinced will have great results – but this will only be the case if you can get enough people talking about it. In this day and age, business requires more than ever on good communication. This means communication between the brand and their audience, and also peer-to-peer communication (that is, potential customers, talking to each other about your business and thus spreading the word). Now that social media is heavily in the mix of most marketing plans; you have to be even more aware of the way in which you advertise your brand or campaign. People use social media to share their opinions, so make a good advert, and you could see your business shoot to historic heights. Make a bad one, and you could be openly ridiculed online (Pepsi’s most recent advert, anyone?). If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are a few routes to go down with your latest marketing ploy, which aims to captivate your audience.

The aspirational route

It’s pretty safe to say that just about all of us are trying to better ourselves every day. It might sound sly, but by preying on your client’s insecurities with aspirational advertising, you can draw in the very people you have something to offer. An aspirational marketing campaign typically includes very high-quality video, images, and products, and it may center around a character who the customer would look up to. Link your business to the life of this make believe, successful individual and your clients will start to see a link between what it is you do and the kind of person they want to be.

The nostalgic route

People on social media love to share things that resonate with them, and things from the past can often do this job pretty well. Just look at all the attention hashtags like ‘#throwbackthursday’ get every single week. You may be wondering what is the meaning of nostalgia and how it can help your marketing campaign – but just bear in mind that if it gets people talking, you will almost inevitably see a rise in engagement.

The emotional route

On a similar note, tap into your customer’s softer side with a marketing campaign designed to invoke emotion. This is something more and more brands are doing these days – and if you do it right, it can mean enormous success. UK retailer John Lewis is something that excels at this, with its annual Christmas adverts that are designed to make its audience cry! Sounds depressing, but hey – if the shoe fits! John Lewis’s adverts are now a spectacle each year, with a lot of hype geared up over social media in advance of the premier. Collate a strong marketing team around you and see what you can come up with that will sync with your audience’s emotions.

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