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3 Ways To Turn Your Passion For Fitness Into A Career

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Do you find yourself constantly consumed by the newest fitness exercises or the new healthy snack that everybody is talking about? Do you have a passion for staying healthy and fit? Do you love hearing nutrition facts and spreading health tips? Well, that passion could turn into a very successful career.

With the fitness industry expected to experience a 24 percent annual growth for the next three years, according to American Fitness Professional and Associates, it’s no secret that now is the time to make the move into health and fitness. But how exactly can this be done? Check out these three quick ways you can enter the fitness industry and turn that interest into income.

1. Be a Personal Trainer

Personal training is one of the most obvious and popular professions within the health and fitness industry. Providing benefits of a competitive salary, which has been increasing significantly over the last the last several years, with flexible hours and the ability to work for yourself, personal training allows you to really get involved in the fitness environment while earning a salary. All you need to do is obtain your personal training certification and onboard clients who are in need of a trainer.

As a personal trainer, you not only have the options to help other people through training, but you can also initiate multiple streams of income. How? Try sponsoring or becoming a direct seller of fitness products that your clients could benefit from. This could be products that companies like Amway sell, such as Nutrilite products, meal replacement shakes or fitness equipment. It’s a great way to expand your offering in the fitness industry and create a competitive edge.

2. Be a Health or Transformation Coach

If you consider yourself a people person who loves working with groups and helping others, being a transformation or health coach could be the ideal profession for you. While their focus is on fitness and exercises, a health coach also places importance on other aspects including diet, beliefs, and way of life. By providing a more well-rounded approach to being healthy, this type of coaching can help you get to know others on a more personal level and allows you to meet a variety of people. In terms of job benefits, being a health coach also allows for flexible hours and can earn up to $200 an hour depending on experience.

3. Start a Blog

If you love health and fitness but don’t particularly want to train people, spreading your knowledge through a blog could be a great way to turn your interest into a career. And it’s super easy!

By using a blog creator website like WordPress, having a blog up and running takes only a few easy steps. Try uploading original content and mixing it up with videos, interviews and helpful advice. Keep in mind what your audience will find interesting; as traffic to the site increases, you could start earning an income. The average annual salary for a blogger is $49,132.

Health and fitness is a lucrative and exciting industry that has a number of professions for enthusiasts to pursue. If you find yourself interested, don’t hesitate to turn that interest into a career and start enjoying what you do.





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