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The world of business and social media have been closely linked since social platforms started. Companies quickly learned that they could get the attention of a lot of customers by posting things on their Twitter and Facebook pages. They then realized the importance of other popular social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Now, companies have accounts on all of the major social networks, and if you are in business, then you should too. Social media can make a big impact on your sales and followers, here are a few tips to get started.

Relevant Content

To grow a good following on social media, you need to be giving your audience something it needs. Posting regular content from your website will quickly get your company noticed.

It is better if your content is varied and not just about your company or products. Otherwise, people might get bored with it. You should post at least one new piece of content per day; however, this isn’t always possible for the busy company. If you are struggling to write enough material, you can look to hire content writers such as those at SEO Clerk, to do it for you.

Engaging with Your Customers

Research has shown that customers become loyal to a brand quicker if the company interacts with them. That means you can build your following much sooner if you post regularly on social media.

Try to post competitions and quizzes with a link to the details on your website. It will get people interested and make them click through to your website. You can offer special deals for following your page and other incentives to share content with their friends.

Be Visual

Posts that contain an image or a video are more likely to be shared and clicked on than ones that don’t. For this reason, try to always back up your post with an image or a video to grab your customers attention.

You can also branch out into YouTube and create videos about your products. These can be about tricks and tips, or alternative ways to use your products. Post links to these videos to your other social accounts to get people interested. Encourage them to subscribe and add links to your products in the description.

Check Out the Opposition

There is a good chance that your competition is also on social media, so go and take a look at their profile to see what they are doing. You don’t want to be copying their posts. However, you might be able to see things that they are not doing.

Check for other companies on the other social platforms as well, if there is a platform that your competition is not using, then create an account on there for your company. It will grab customers from there that they are not seeing.

By doing a few little things, you can quickly build a strong following that will grow your sales. Don’t be afraid to post as much as you can, because the more content you have, the better chance customers will have of finding you.



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