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Atlanta’s BronzeLens Film Festival Kicks Off With VIP Reception
August 11, 2017
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Discover How You Can Make Social Media Work for Your Company
August 16, 2017

How to Grow your Website or App through the Social Experience

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These days, it’s no longer enough to have a sleek looking website and some great information or activities on the page, as people have a desire to be sociable online and share their opinions. The rise of the internet has led to the potential for anyone’s views to be heard, and people expect to be able to be social on many websites.

However, integrating social aspects into your website isn’t just a way to appease clients and visitors; it’s also a great opportunity for you to spread your brand and expand your user-base. So, let’s look at the power of the social experience, and what you can do to make your website more sociable.

Social Media Taking over the World

The ability to contact nearly anyone in the world at the click of a button has been made possible by the internet’s rise in power and accessibility. This has allowed the big name social media networks to become web users’ top internet priorities.

By way of active users as of April 2017, Facebook is by far and away the most popular social network with 1.968 billion active users. WhatsApp follows with 1,200,000,000, and then Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter sit with 1 billion, 1 billion, 600 million, 550 million, and 319 million active users, respectively.

But the social networks are no longer just used for being sociable with others; they’re for news feeds, entertainment, games, and as methods of quicker sign up to some online services. It’s unavoidable on the internet but also a great way to become more engaging with your users.

In fact, in January 2015, it was reported that social media drove 31.24 percent of all traffic to websites, which is largely down to the liking and sharing of sites and content.

Casinos Lead by Example

Casinos jumped right onto the internet bandwagon as soon as they realized its potential. No longer would they have to wait for their pundits to come in-house and for them to cater for local gamblers exclusively; they could let anyone, anywhere, play at their casino.

The top casino operators have been able to stay at the forefront of the online market with easy to use websites and apps. But what’s been a major pusher for them in recent times has been the social aspects of many of their games. Even though the average social casino players’ age has grown since 2016, from 36 to 39 according to SuperData Research, expansions have enabled a new generation of players to feel at home on their sites.

Many live games, such as poker, roulette, blackjack, and other such games synonymous with the casino floor have a live chat feature. The live chat allows the users to talk to the dealer and with other players – even boast about their winnings if they like – and it all simply enhances the experience for the player. Another huge appeal for players has been the capacity of online casinos to offer niceties such as a bunch of free spins or gigantic odds for new customers.

They also have a very strong social media presence. Often combined with a sportsbook, the online gambling operators utilize the reach of social media to advertise their offers, tip articles, and just generally be enjoyable to visit with funny or interesting posts.

The Way Forward

Integration of social elements is becoming a must for many websites and apps, and the best way to start off is with some simple “like or follow” social media plug-ins placed somewhere on your page. People who like what you’re offering will be able to get all of your updates with one simple click easily.

Social media is a great medium for advertisement, and yet you’ll want to advertise your social media first. So, a great way to do that is to have a rolling feed of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another network on your page to show off all of the great stuff that you let your followers in on. Just m



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