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The classical concept of running a business was to get a loan from some bank or big company on the promise of some collateral, long legal procedures and what not. It was all possible if you were lucky and you already had a solid asset to be able to get that loan. Any condition not fulfilled and you could lose the contract. Sounds terribly hopeless.

There are some bright things too. Merchant cash advance, being one of them has facilitated life in so many ways possible. Forget the atrocious conditions of banks and support your baby business with merchant cash advance. Only evaluation required is through credit or debit card of your restaurant and you will very soon get your requested grant.


There are several types of MCA. Some are discussed as given:

  • Fixed percentage: the simple name suggests simple meaning. First repayment is an already fixed profit percentage.
  • Daily or weekly payments: it is quite the opposite. No fixed proportions are set before.


Few of the many positive points are discussed below:

  • It is easily and instantly accessible while conventional methods take much time.
  • It does not require time-taking procedural work on client’s side. One can secure time in this slot.
  • No previous business success is required for. The deals are done on future prospects i.e. on the future sales of the company, so it is quite a simple, unique and user-friendly method.
  • Since it is not an old loan, it does not have to go through tough legal procedures.
  • Since banks and big organizations are not involved it means no complicated and long procedures are to be tolerated. Therefore, an ample business time is earned.
  • It is an ideal and safe option for smaller retailers. Restaurants and small start-ups are few of the target clients or consumers.
  • It is significantly advantageous for small business ventures with no or low profits. Such ventures are often looked down upon by banks and other organizations and need a support for their future sales. Advance merchant cash is one to look for.


There are certain points which affect the efficiency of this system. Knowledge of them would be important for future consideration:

  • This system behaves in a particular manner owing to the situations of business. For rapid growing business back– payment is fast. However, on bad business a day, when business is progressing rather slowly the repayment is slower.
  • It is not acknowledged on high scale; therefore the laws are not much developed.
  • In addition to this, the rules are less known due to the status of this system of economy.
  • No matter safe the wealth systems may be, there is always a risk of getting into a debt cycle. That means if you kept on getting a grant and ignore to repay, you may find yourself in deep waters.

In the end, it is one good and user-friendly option if somebody is looking for one easy solution to his business plans.


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