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Why Thousands of Scientists Worldwide Can’t Be Wrong

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According to contemporary scientists, the ozone layer has been depleting, fossil fuels are polluting the environment, freshwater is disappearing, and endangered species are about to disappear forever. While their cautions have always been scary, humans have always been promised that things could turn around if they would just change their ways. So, people have begun to recycle more, reduce their carbon footprints, drive more fuel-efficient cars and even go vegan. Unfortunately, the news that just came in from over 15,000 scientists from all over the world shows that it might already be too late to change the world’s tide. Environmentalists with a master of public health contend that the issue is a problem of government, rather than individual. Here’s why some of the most prominent scientists in the world want you to pay attention.

Luxuries Are Slowing Killing Us

The automobile has changed the course of humanity, but it has also affected the planet. Believe it or not, but having a car is a luxury that the majority of people in countries will never have. So, when you drive to work and all the other seats in your car are empty you should think about the impact you have just made on the air quality in your area. Luxuries that we can live without but choose not to are harming the earth. According to scientists, this attachment to luxuries might make the earth completely uninhabitable within a few decades.

Excess is Polluting the Environment

The average person living in the U.S. eats around 18 pounds of bacon every single year. Farmers have to keep up with the demand, meaning that the bulk of the grain produced for consumption goes into the bellies of animals meant for slaughter. Those same animals release a ridiculous amount of methane gas into the environment, which is slowly poisoning the planet. Scientists aren’t telling people that the earth is doomed to shame them out of eating pork, beef, or other meat products. Simply put, things, as they are on earth, cannot sustain if there is going to be a planet around for people in the future to enjoy. Professionals with a public health degree online are also trying to educate the general public on pollution, excess, and how it is all manifesting in a bad way.

Running Out of Places to Hide

Communities positioned closest to the equator have been heating up and colder environments are getting less snow. In the past, when one environment became too polluted for humans to thrive there was a mass exodus. Today, there isn’t a place on the planet that hasn’t already been inhabited and infiltrated. Secluded tourist spots are now crowded with permanent residents and small cities with reasonable costs of living are becoming overpopulated. In turn, all of these places that were formerly untouched by humanity grow more and more polluted.

If you change the way that you interact with the environment, you can help to preserve it for just a little longer. Find 100 other people who promise to make an effort and things can start to change. Scientists worldwide are hoping that billions receive this same message and take it to heart.

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