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How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

Your blog might already be proving to be a bit of a success, but why should that mean you shouldn’t take it to the next level? Why should that mean that you shouldn’t carry on doing certain things, or even trying new things, to take it as far as it can go?

To see what you can do to take your blog to the next level, and to see how far your blog can truly go, make sure to read on.

Open up an eCommerce store to run alongside your blog

If you want to present your blog as genuine, bonafide and the real-deal, then you’re going to show that it can offer more to its audience than just a blog. Yes, to take your blog to the next level, you’re going to have to do more than just blog! And, one such thing that you can do to achieve this level of bonafididity (yes, before you ask, that is not a word) is to open up an e-commerce store to run alongside your blog. By doing so, your blog traffic will benefit and that will instantly take it to the next level, and your own personal wallet may benefit as well.

By opening up an online store to run concurrently with your blog, firstly, you will show your audience that you and your blog are not only interested in informing and entertaining them, but that you are interested in offering them something of value, too.  What this will then mean is that you will show yourself to be a blogger that values his or her audience, viewers and readers, and that will only ever work in your blog’s favor as it seeks to claw its way to the next level of blogging success.

What opening up an e-commerce store alongside your blog will also do is give it a professional reputation, and all the best blogs have one of those. And, if you further this professional reputation by ensuring that the good you deliver is done so on time, you will only enhance your potential for professionalism even further.

Oh, and did we mention that you would stand to make some extra cash through the goods you sell on your store, too?

Continue to use engagement as your blog’s best metric

You got your blog to the level it is at know through engaging your audience, right? Well, continue to do it! But, when you do continue in this fashion and you do continue to use engagement as your best metric, just remember that as your blog grows, so does the size of your audience. And, to engage this ever-growing audience, you’re going to need to start producing articles and posts and that is thoroughly engaging, even if that means tweaking your style just a little bit. If you were to do this, your bounce rate would instantly be lowered (and that needs to be really low) and your SEO ranking would instantly be higher (and that needs to be as high as can be). So, engage your bigger audience by offering posts of depth and quality, which could even entail you asking for pieces submitted to you for posting by contributing, third-party writers.

And, speaking of SEO, you should most definitely enlist the assistance of a professional SEO company, such as Ignite Digital, if you’re serious about boosting yours and subsequently boosting your blog to the next level. By working alongside such a professional you would give your blog a far greater chance of being the first to appear in the search engines of anybody who searches for keywords in your blog’s market. And, if that were to be the case, your blog would have far greater chance of turning this passing audience into an audience of its own.

Make sure your blog is always up and running

Nothing puts the audience off a blog, especially those that are only passing, like said blog being down or inactive. Well, these people just don’t have the time or the patience to stick around waiting for your blog to decide when it will come back on, and why should they?

To avoid your audience bouncing at the first sign of downtime, make sure to use a service such as UptimeRobot to watch over your blog for instance of downtime. Allowing this ‘robot’ to do so will give you a far greater chance of catching your blog when it is down, because the system will alert you that being the case, meaning you’d be more likely to return your blog to its healthy, ‘up’ state before any more members of your audience bounce.

To bounce your blog up a few levels, make sure to take heed of all of the advice above.

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