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4 Essential Tasks You Need To Switch Online

As technological advances keep coming thick and fast, more and more businesses are moving tasks that would normally be completed by hand or on a computer onto the web, either by a smartphone app or online tools. It’s important that businesses keep up with these developments so that they don’t get left behind, so let’s take a look at four essential tasks that could – and should – be moved online as soon as possible.

Work Drives

Back in the day, you had to save your work to floppy disks that would often break. Rewritable disks followed, and then portable hard drives saved the day. The issue with all of those is that you have to carry them around everywhere. Fortunately, with the likes of Google Drive and the Cloud, you can work on documents and spreadsheets on your computer, laptop or smartphone at any given moment, as long as you have an internet connection. The amount of time and effort you’re saving here is particularly notable, and more and more businesses are making the switch.


There’s nothing wrong with being old school and using a diary and/or calendar for your day-to-day scheduling, but what if they go missing or get damaged and no other copy exists? You could find yourself in a great deal of trouble, so why not take these tried and tested methods and put them online as a backup. If you have Outlook or Gmail, you can quickly add your schedule to their easy-to-use calendar, and this way you’ll have access to it wherever you have internet access, rather than just when you happen to be standing next to it. You could also use a free online calendar to help manage your schedule.


Many businesses create their invoices in Word or Excel, print them off and then post them to clients. This is all well and good, but you can save yourself a lot of money on the postage and save yourself space on hundreds of folders containing printed off invoices by moving your client finances to online platforms. A great example of an online invoicing tool is the Pay stub generator, which allows you to make, download and share invoices with clients in a matter of moments. This is perfect for when you want your business to be as paperless as possible.

Project Management

If you want to manage your employee’s workload in a simple and effective way that removes the complicated and messy route of doing everything in person or via email, you could consider signing up to many online project management tools, some even for free, and start allocating tasks a great deal easier than you were before. There are many to choose from, and they will make life at work so much easier.

These tools are also a great way to analyze work trends, find out how long it takes employees to complete certain tasks and to discover who is the most productive of your employees. It is especially useful if you have an online business, where you are more likely to have remote workers and outsourced work.




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