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Art Company Mueshi Raises $3.3M in Seed Round

Mueshi Founder

Ariana Waller, a Miami-based blockchain engineer, has found herself launching her own company serving fine arts.

As the owner and founder of Mueshi Inc., prospective consumers will be able to buy, sell and invest in fine arts in a relatively small way through use of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

With the help of Harlem Capital, who takes pride in investing in diverse companies, the 26 year old was able to raise $3.3 million in seed round to solidify her stance in the tech world.

In addition to Harlem Capital, CapitalT VC, Presight VC, Black Venture Capital Consortium and music investor Ted Lucas, were just a few of the investors to bring life to the development of Mueshi.

Waller said she’s always been “inspired” by Harlem Capital’s contributions to the finance industry. She even envisioned the day she’d be able to partner alongside them.

“I took the owner’s picture and put it on my vision board, saying I wanted to be just like them,” she said. “So, the fact that they are my investors is insane.”

The firm is also a backer for power couple Russell Wilson and Ciara’s House of LR&C brand.

Currently, Mueshi’s waitlist for prospective customers is open. In June, Waller will host a beta launch for the company showcasing a 30-day fine art NFT exhibit in Miami. It will feature various arts of works and collaborative efforts from those who can benefit from the platform.

“This is the perfect time to launch. There is a huge gap between the traditional art world and this new medium of NFTs,” she explained. “We are an artist first company and want to establish specific methods on how we continue to support and uplift artists.”

Her art-tech startup will feature collections available to buyers on high-performance blockchains Solana and Ethereum.

HC’s managing partner, Henri Pierre-Jacques, met the aspiring tycoon during Miami’s Art Basel in 2021 and believed in her abilities right away.

“We met Ariana, the Company’s CEO, during Art Basel 2021 and immediately knew she had founded a unique venture”, Pierre-Jacques said. “Her passion, vision, and technical skills are so rare for founders. We are excited to be a part of the Mueshi journey.”



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