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Startup Atlanta Live Streams 2022 Finalists Reveal for Atlanta Startup Awards

Atlanta Startup Awards

Startup Atlanta has unveiled the 2022 finalists for Atlanta Startup Awards with its first-ever Finalists Reveal LIVE.

As well as announcing this year’s finalists, the live stream offered a preview of next month’s event. Finalists announced during the live stream are contenders for the top award in their category, which will be announced at the upcoming awards show.

The awards, jointly organized by members of the Atlanta Startup Community, recognize and celebrates the city’s most successful rising tech companies, startup pioneers, and disruptive innovators. Atlanta Startup Founders and Ecosystem Builders.

“We invited everyone in our local startup community to watch the live stream,” said Gimme Vending Co-founder Evan Jarecki, who serves as Startup Atlanta Board Vice President and Awards Committee Co-Chair. Jarecki then encouraged everyone to “attend our awards event in October to find out who has been chosen as the year’s top winners.”

This year’s Startup Awards will be held at Atlanta’s Atlantic Yards on October 12. The theme is ‘Ready, Set, Rise’, reflecting the resilience and competitive spirit of the startup ecosystem in Atlanta.

Startup Atlanta, a community non-profit focused on connecting and growing the local startup ecosystem, hosts the annual Atlanta Startup Awards to celebrate the very best of the Atlanta startup community. Startup Atlanta also produces the Startup Atlanta Ecosystem Guide as a community resource and hosts a quarterly Community Partners Launch.

Among the finalists for this year’s Scrappiest Startup Award are Plant-Based Jeff, Porter Logic, DataSeers, and Arrive Technologies Inc. Other categories include the award for Best Growth Stage startup, for companies with a strong product market fit, over forty employees and an annual revenue of over $ 3 million. This year’s finalists are Flock Safety, Verusen, Safely, and Saltbox.

The individuals who are in the final for the Community Builder Award, an award that recognizes those who have made a tangible and lasting impact on the Atlanta entrepreneurial ecosystem, are Aly Meritt, Ryan Wilson, Jon Birdsong, and Karen Cashion.

This year’s awards recognize Greenwood co-founder Andrew Young and Mailchimp’s CEO, Ben Chestnut, with the lifetime achievement award. A fireside chat with Young and Chesnut will take place as part of the Awards. was selected as a finalist in the inaugural 2017 Atlanta Startup Awards. The digital news platform was nominated for the best ‘Scrappiest Startup’ in Atlanta. This award recognizes a startup that has achieved significant milestones over the last 12 months without ever raising equity or debt capital.

For more on the Atlanta Startup Awards, visit or contact about tickets and available sponsorship opportunities.

Main Image: Inaugural Atlanta Startup Awards 2017: photographer David Ahn

Award Categories:

Scrappiest Startup Award

Startup that has achieved significant milestones over the last 12 months without ever raising equity or debt capital.


Best B2C Startup

Startup that provides product(s) to consumers and has achieved significant milestones over the last 12 months.


Best B2B Startup

Startup that provides product(s) that solve(s) a problem for businesses and has achieved significant milestones over the last 12 months.


Best Growth Stage Startup

The Best Growth Stage Startup Award recognizes a startup that has shown strong product-market fit, ARR over $3-5M or 40+ employees.


Community Builder

The Community Builder Award recognizes a local leader who has made a tangible and lasting impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Best Social Impact Startup

The Best Social Impact Startup Award recognizes a mission-driven for-profit or non-profit startup who has made the biggest impact on the Atlanta community and beyond.


The Art of the Pivot

Growing a startup is hard. The Art of the Pivot Award celebrates a startup’s ability to change its business model and successfully revamp their business in the face of adversity.


Equity Champion

The Equity Champion Award recognizes an individual who has made a significant impact in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by removing barriers or providing access to underrepresented founders.




    Zara Shepherd-Brierley
    Zara Shepherd-Brierley
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