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UrbanGeekz Secures Spot at Technology Innovation Hub

UrbanGeekz, a groundbreaking digital news platform focused on technology, science, and business, has just snagged a coveted Atlanta Tech Village scholarship. The editorial team will now be based at the state-of-the-art facility in Atlanta’s affluent Buckhead neighborhood.

Scholarships, which significantly reduce membership fees, are available to a select few companies that show a strong commitment to the core values of the Village.


“I’m thrilled we’ve been handpicked to join the Atlanta Tech Village scholarship program,” said UrbanGeekz founder and CEO Kunbi Tinuoye. “We’re honored and privileged to join this tight-knit community that’s giving us an amazing opportunity to grow and develop our brand.”

0215_yikyak02_jmeister_oneuseonlyAside from these select bursaries, there is a wait list of young, ambitious entrepreneurs hoping to join Atlanta Tech Village (the Village) to benefit from peaks, which include events, workshops, mentorships, networking opportunities, work space, and access to thought leaders.

“Atlanta Tech Village is a community of technology innovation powered by a 103,000 square foot building dedicated to fostering the growth of new, disruptive tech startups,” said Karen Houghton, director of Atlanta Tech Village, in an interview with UrbanGeekz. “There are over 250 companies housed in the Village, and 900 plus members.”

“As one of the fastest growing technology startup centers and coworking communities in the southeast, the Village is dedicated to fostering innovation, encouraging collaboration and driving economic development in the Atlanta community and beyond.”

The Village, a thriving ecosystem for tech firms, is the largest technology startup incubator in the Southeast. The technology hub also boosts a competitive accelerator, Atlanta Ventures, where startups receive mentor support and up to $120,000 in investment capital.

Since its inception in 2013, the Village has been home to some of the most successful startups in Atlanta, such as Yik Yak, BitPay, and Insightpool.

David Cummings, a serial software entrepreneur, founded Atlanta Tech Village to foster the kind of community he felt was missing when he first moved to the city 13 years ago. In interviews the former CEO of Pardot says he is on a mission to fuel Atlanta’s rise to one of the leading tech startup centers in the U.S.


UrbanGeekz is the first-of-its-kind news site that aims to make technology “cool” and accessible, while highlighting science, technology, engineering, and math related fields as exciting and rewarding career paths. Its mission is to promote educational achievement and career exploration in STEM communities, especially among women and underserved communities.

“What attracted me to the sleek and chic UrbanGeekz platform was the site’s global approach to news,” said Stacy Slotnick, a New York-based entertainment lawyer and contributing writer for the website.

Kunbi Tinuoye‘s marvelous digital platform gives someone like me — an entertainment lawyer — the ability to help readers appraise legal rulings relating to pop culture and the entertainment industry. Anyone interested in studying the impact of law, technology, and entertainment will be mesmerized by”







    UrbanGeekz Staff
    UrbanGeekz Staff
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