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Stupid Mistakes You’re Still Making Interacting With Customers

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You have to be very careful how you and your employees interact with customers. One bad meeting or interaction could earn your company a negative review. Worse yet, they might decide to spread bad messages about your business around a local customer base. At that point, it’s difficult to stop the situation snowballing. These days customers have a lot more power than they used to over the business owner. The problem is that they know they have this power. Given the chance, they will use it to ensure you deliver a better service. Or, to wipe businesses that don’t deliver a good service off the map. As such, you need to be aware of the mistakes business owners are still making dealing with customers.

Poor Attention To Detail

Here’s a hypothetical scenario. A customer has bought a product from your business. After taking the product home, they are disappointed with its quality. Rather than taking it back to the store, they have emailed your customer service team. What happens next? Usually, they’ll receive an apology email back and instructions on what to do next. Assuming this email doesn’t take weeks or even months, this is a step in the right direction. However, businesses still make a mistake here. They rush the email and do not deliver the correct tone. Or, the email is typed out quickly, so there are spelling mistakes and issues with grammar. This suggests that your business is unprofessional, and you need to be careful here. If in any doubt, business writing classes will teach you how to properly communicate with customers through writing.

Dismissive Attitude

How To Turn "I'm Just Browsing" Into A Sale

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There are still some business owners who think that one disgruntled customer is not a major problem. Due to this, they don’t try and solve any issues that a customer like this might have. They have clearly never heard the phrase the customer is always right. That phrase still rings true to this day. In fact, we’d argue it’s even more important due to the damage one customer can do to your business. Don’t make the mistake of dismissing customers like this. It will earn your business a bad reputation.

No Social Interaction

Look we’re not suggesting that you ask a customer for a coffee. That could be taken the wrong way. Although major businesses often liaise with important clients through means such as this. We just suggest that you do stay active on social media. On occasion, you may want to contact a customer directly. Find out whether they are satisfied with your services or if they want to see improvements. Doing this, you are opening a connection with a customer that may lead to further business opportunities in the future.

Out The Door, Out Of Mind

Finally, you need to stop thinking that once a customer makes a purchase, they are no longer a concern. They are, because they might come back with an issue, or they might want to come back to make another purchase. Checking in with that customer is a great way of gaining a repeated sale. A business model with too many one-and-done purchases doesn’t have a lot of room for growth.

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