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#WOCinTech Chat: Need Your Website to Bring In More Money? Try These Tips

#WOCinTech Chat

Design is one of those industries that people either love or hate. Some people just don’t see themselves as creative, and that’s completely fine. Not everyone likes to draw and not everyone wants to sit at their computer for a couple of hours drawing up something simple like a website banner.

As important as web design is, most of us like to outsource it or call upon the services of an experienced freelancer to take over. Unfortunately, it costs money which is something that most startups and business don’t like to spend. So next time you’re faced with a design task, consult some of these tips instead and cut out the ridiculous costs involved.

Online Tools

Creative design isn’t a process that can scientifically be broken down and then automatically generated. Or so people think. There are tools like this online flyer maker that can assist you in creating some simple and elegant designs in just a few clicks. Being creative with these types of online tools just comes down to one thing: your preference.

Since you’re running a business, you’ll have some idea of what people want. Take your product, for example; you wouldn’t be in business selling it if you had no idea what your consumers want. Think of design in the same way: what do your customers want to see? Big bold text, an easy-to-read font and colors that won’t make their eyes bleed. Just follow that simple guideline and you’ll be able to create some eye-catching (for the right reasons, hopefully!) designs that’ll draw in consumers as if you were a professional artist.


It’s never too late to learn how to use programs like Photoshop. Even if you can’t afford it, there are free alternatives such as GIMP that are used by hobbyists and professionals alike. With the hundreds of tutorials available on the internet, you can start making special effects, clean website banners, and incredible photo manipulations with ease.

All it takes is a bit of time, some dedication and a smidge of experimentation. You’ll find yourself surprised at how easy it is to create some amazing effects and unique logos, and you’ll never have to hire an expensive freelancer ever again. You can go from not understanding how to open a new file to creating professional website elements in a matter of days.


Many website hosts employ the use of templates. These are pre-designed layouts that can be edited to your heart’s content. Do you like the look of a template but you’re not keen on certain fonts? Change them! Do you like the colors of one layout but don’t like the menu designs? Change it! These templates can act as a base for your own creations.
Edit and twist them to fit your needs. It’s extremely simple to change certain elements, and if you pay a bit of money you can even unlock premium templates (assuming your site has some) which will give you more customization options to fine-tune your personal website.

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