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Tech Your Live Event To The Next Level With These Tools

As technology increases in leaps and bounds with every passing year, it is making the running of any business event a smoother and more controlled process. The way in which tech is progressing means that businesses are becoming more interactive with their clients and customers. Using a live event or an expo or trade show to get your business out into the big wide world is a great tool if you have the tools to back it up. With the explosion of mobile apps, it can mean total interaction with the customer at the swipe of a finger, and here are some of the apps and sites that are proving popular with companies running live events.


This is a mobile app that is used to offer event schedules and maps around the event. It works just as well on a small scale, like an expo, or something as large as a festival, where the app would really come into its own. To get access, you sign up the event by filling out some forms with the event details, and the app’s users can access the event details. There is a basic setup which doesn’t cost any money to build and promote, but there is a premium version which enables interaction with the maps as well as photo sharing capabilities.


This is a company that provides Wi-Fi and internet equipment. As it is expected now that every location needs to have a Wi-Fi connection, it can be quite difficult to obtain in the short term, and if you are running an event which is located outdoors, it can be a very tricky business. While you need to make sure that you are shielding everyone from the elements in case rain is forecast, and you will need to provide plenty of pop up marquees in that instance, you also need to have a good internet connection. Meraki offers an agreement to loan you equipment. You need to provide the internet connection, but they will provide the rest of the equipment. It is very easy to apply, just go on their website.

Bag Tags Inc.

If you are running a corporate event or a trade show, you can use this company to invest in custom badges and lanyards. Any live event needs tech, and it is not just the high-end products that need covering, having a name badge with the logo on it is a nice personal touch.


Ticketing is a vital component of a live event, Flavorus helps give you info on how much money you are making and info on people that are attending, which is a great way to manage RSVPs and also to give your company a personal touch by putting the business logo on the ticket. As well as this, you have access to payment processing options and customers are able to pay online for their ticket or by using their smartphone. If you are running a live event, it is a free service, so it is definitely worth trying.

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