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So You Want to Work in the United States?

So You Want to Work in the United States? unsplash

Career choice can be daunting. If you’re presented with an amazing opportunity, then your gut instinct is probably telling you not to take it although your brain logically knows that it’s probably the best choice for your current situation. After all, these opportunities don’t come by very often and it’s more than likely that it will never happen again. If you truly want to take advantage of an opportunity, you have to dive in head first.

So if you’re ever presented with an opportunity to move to the United States to work, then here are a couple of tips you need to consider while planning your immigration. There are many scams out there that promise you things such as green cards and support, but the best way to get a job in the United States is to do it through official channels.

Apply for jobs

Make sure you prepare a resume for your job applications and write a separate letter for each position you apply too. This article won’t cover the basics of finding a job (that topic is discussed on various other websites) but it’s a good idea to take note that there are some cultural differences. For instance, if you have to give references then it’s best to give names or people who are working within the United States (professional friends, previous employers) instead of people who are within your own country. As a result of your distant application, your interview may take place over Skype, so prepare a webcam or a laptop that is capable of doing so.

Apply for all your papers

Keep in mind that applying for a work visa or a green card isn’t quick. It could take up to several months, so don’t quit your job as soon as you pass the interviewing process. Depending on the type of job you’re applying for (or even if you’re an investor that wants to visit the United States) you might need to contact a variety of different lawyers and official channels. For instance, investors should get to know an EB-5 lawyer because investment visas are much different to regular ones. In short, you need to apply for the appropriate work visa because there are several different types. Most people focus on getting a work visa first, move to the United States and then later focus on getting a green card.

Setting up your own business is different

If you plan to set up your own business in the United States, then you have to go through different channels to people who have found an employer. Entrepreneurs need to research L-11 and E-2 visas if they want to set up a business in the United States. These are popular because you can simply invest money into a US business to get your visa, but it doesn’t provide you with a way to eventually get a green card.

If you plan to travel alone when starting up your business, it’s a good idea to have a friend in the United States. It’ll be much easier to have regular contact with someone who actually lives in the United States so they can teach you about all the different work etiquette and the process of getting a visa and how to start up your own business.

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