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Renovate The Way You Build Your Brand

Branding A Business From The Ground Up

Having a brand has always been an important facet of business because, well, your brand is your way of promising a certain experience. That is why it is so important that you do all you can to improve your company’s brand because your brand is going to have a huge impact on your reputation and on the success of your company.

It is a reflection of what your company is, what it aspires to be, what it offers the customer and just about everything else you can think of. We’re not saying that it is easy to brand your company because it isn’t. It can take patience and perseverance. But to help you get the reputation you want, we have come up with a few top tips on how to brand yourself.

The Company that Delivers On Time

A lot of the time customers will pay a high premium to ensure their project is delivered on time because, well, time is money. It doesn’t matter whether the project is a commercial building, a second home or a residential renovation; the sooner you get this project completed the sooner they can a) stop spending money or b) starting making money. So if you get a reputation for being the company that delivers on time and on schedule then you are going to get business.

The Company That Guarantees Safety

All businesses need to take their health and safety responsibilities seriously, but this is especially true within the construction game. The risks are just a lot higher, and the safety procedures need to be a lot more specialized. What’s more, clients now make sure they know what a contractor’s safety record looks like before they shake hands. So invest in this area heavily. If you have a unit that specializes in demolition then make sure they have gone through all the hazardous materials training first, just in case of asbestos. If heavy machinery is used on site, then make sure those using it have been trained in the correct methods here.

The Company that Is Always Honest

Honesty is the best policy in every area of life, and definitely in the construction game. If you are dishonest with a client, even just the once, you are running the risk of losing every inch of faith a client has put in you, and all future clients too. So be the company that is known for its honesty. Be honest about the cost of things, about the time it will take, about any delays to the completion date, any late deliveries and any mistakes that have been made. People always appreciate honesty, so to be known for that will only be a good thing. Trust us.

The Company that Meets Expectations

All too often things can get lost in translation on a building site, which is partly because there is so much Chinese whispers needed and partly because the client wants and needs can be misunderstood as easily as them getting the lingo wrong. So make sure you are the guys that always understand exactly what is expected and that you deliver this. When you meet with the client, have all the managers and contractors you need there, so that each can hear it from the horse’s mouth and raise any questions as a unit. Make sure you get written confirmation too because if the client does change their mind you’ll want proof to correct them. They may not like it, but it is better to protect yourself and your brand and move from there than it is to be wrongly accused.



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