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Tips To Get Your Booth Stand Out At An Expo

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You’ve no doubt been – or at least seen – what an expo is like; noisy, busy and competitive. But among all this mayhem, there is always one display that gathers a crowd and completely steals the show. The question is, how on earth do you become that booth? How do you compete with the bigger companies and be the trade show display that has the crowd, the queues, the traffic and, ultimately, the success?

Well, either you can develop a mind-blowing new product that demands attention and media hype and announce it at an expo, or you can use a few well-kept secrets to attract people and build a buzz.

Given the first one is out of our hands, though, we have laid a few of the best tips, tricks, and industry secrets to ensure you have a stellar expo this time round. No need to thank us.

Grab That Megaphone Early On

Chances are, your competition is going to be huddled in a room somewhere and discussing all things tactics and strategies to ensure their three days goes to plan. That is where you can get one step ahead of your competition because while they are busy with their meetings you can be notifying all of your clients – past and present – about your stall; where it will be and who to look out for. Social media updates, LinkedIn posts, email correspondence and marketing newsletters, all of these things will have a huge impact on your success because you’ll be on people’s radars before they even arrive.

Imagine Your Booth Is A Peacock

It is a well-known fact that consumers are incredibly influenced by different colors, so make sure you harness this power in your favor. Take fast food restaurants as an example; 9 times out of 10 they will use the color red because it revs up people’s appetites and makes them feel that niggle in their belly, so why not harness that when you are designing products like this. The reason red works is because it builds excitement. Navy, on the other hand, is used in building trust. Basically, make sure you do your research on this area and then design your display around that. As a golden rule, though, go bright. At an expo, the brighter the better. We’re talking banners, marquee tents, tablecloths, backdrops; absolutely everything.

The More The Merrier

There is no point in doing all the hard work in the build-up to an expo only to fall flat on your face when you get there. Promoting yourself, making your display bright and beautiful, telling clients that you are going to be in attendance; all of this will be pointless if you don’t have the staff to man your booth. As such, always take at least one more member of staff with you, preferably more, even if they are just temp staff. The reason for this is more people there to assist looks better than one. It will also allow you to take a break without running the risk of looking completely unprofessional. What’s more, should you succeed in building a buzz, there will be more of you to spread the word of what you are doing. So remember, the more the merrier.




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