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The Team Productivity Benefits of Serviced Offices

Key Considerations When Choosing an Office for Your Company

It makes sense to think that where you work has a major impact on how you work. After all, nobody is on top form in a draughty space, with uncomfortable furniture and poor quality resources. This is why businesses spend such a long time scoping out locations for new branches. They want to be sure that the environment is built for productivity.

Fortunately, Thailand is full of amazing workspaces. The capital, Bangkok, is home to a number of premium serviced facilities. These flexible environments are a great way to provide structure, without compromising on key assets. Visit to find out more and check out the top spots.

Then, keep reading this guide to the benefits of serviced offices and how they can help your team work faster and smarter.

High-Quality Interiors

Over the years, our understanding of ergonomics has grown. We now know that certain conditions are needed to help employees reach peak performance. This includes the provision of high-quality furniture, which has been designed to support office routines.

This is something which the tenants of serviced workspaces are guaranteed. While many vendors offer the option to take an unfurnished lease, most business owners prefer to move into a ‘ready to go’ suite. They include premium décor, furniture, lighting, carpets, and more.

Ultimate Control

The principle behind serviced offices is that the tenant remains in control. Traditional leases have long required users to submit to conditions which aren’t always suitable. For instance, it’s typical for a conventional rental to demand a minimum of two years (often more).

Serviced vendors are open to all kinds of suggestions and are committed to supporting tenants as they create comfortable new homes. This is why there are no long term leases. You can stay as little or as long as you like, but there are no penalties for terminating the agreement.

Creative Collaboration

So, essentially, you can switch up your office routines without any danger that you won’t be able to switch them back. Plus, most serviced facilities contain a combination of private and collaborative environments. This is great news when it comes to motivating your workforce.

Of course, there are times when private, quiet conditions are needed. It is why you’ve got your own beautifully designed office. Yet, it’s also true that working with other creative types is a fast track to inspiration and productivity. Encourage your employees to get out and mingle.

Everything You Need

The big difference between fully independent and managed office spaces is that the latter takes a long time to be perfect. It is a process, and it often involves a great many mistakes and hard lessons. If your budget is small, it could take years to build up all the resources you need.

Things are different when you go serviced. If you want more air conditioning, you can request it. If you need a full-time receptionist, you can add one to your bill. If you’d like to host an important client, you can ask about booking a meeting space. In short, accessibility equals productivity.

And Finally, the Location

It’s also worth remembering that, when employees find it easy to get to work, they start the day feeling more relaxed and engaged. It is one of the reasons why a centrally located office, close to transport links, is always a good idea.

In Thailand, there are lots of suitable locations, particularly in Bangkok. Many are in close proximity to parks, cafes, and other attractions too, so your workers really have the best of all worlds. The hope is that they’ll turn up to work happy and energized every day of the week.




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