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It’s easy to lose motivation at your job for many reasons. Maybe you’ve been there awhile, are bored with your assignments or aren’t sure it’s what you want to be doing as a career. These are normal situations, and you should feel comforted knowing many people can relate to you.

Instead of getting down about it, have confidence knowing there are measures you can take to get yourself to a better place. Believe in yourself and know that no matter what job you have, you’re still you and have a lot of other positives going for you in your life. See eight ways to stay motivated at your job.

Remember what you do Like about it

This is a good time to remind yourself all you do like about your job. Make a list and remember past and present aspects that have always drawn you to the position and company. You may realize that there’s still a lot to love, or find that the list shows it may be time to move on. Focusing on the positives and what’s good about where you are will help you along during this time of frustration. Read the list each day and add to it as you think of additional ideas.

Spearhead A New Project

Take it upon yourself to come up with a new project that will benefit the company and showcase your skills. For example, volunteer to start a blog for your company website. You can get started in three easy steps using a simple and free step-by-step guide made for beginners. It’s a project that will likely be well received because you’re adding value. This is a great way to challenge yourself and feel like you’re contributing to the team. It’ll keep you engaged and busy, and you may soon find that you’re in a better place at work and with your job.

Work Toward A Promotion

Be proactive and have a conversation with your boss about going for a promotion. Sit down and come to terms with where you’re at currently and where you picture yourself down the road. Ask your boss to provide you with a job description, so you know exactly what you’re going after. Clarify exactly what you need to do to prove you’re the right person for the role and then get started going after your goal. You’ll feel reenergized and appreciated, which will give you the boost you need to make the promotion a reality.

Mix up your Lunch Hour

If you sit at your desk all day, this is a good chance to get up and move more. Staring at your computer without many breaks will demotivate anyone. Take advantage of your lunch hour and continuously mix it up. Go for walks, eat at a new restaurant, meet a friend or read a book in the park. Whatever you do, make sure you step away from the office and your desk for a while. You’ll start to feel better and more improved each day. You may realize that it’s not the job you’re sick of, but the fact that you’re not taking care of yourself. Don’t let this precious time go to waste.

Build Relationships

While your coworkers don’t have to be your best friends, there’s nothing wrong with getting to know them better and acknowledging your shared interests. You may find you have a lot more in common with some people than you originally thought. Make a friend or two, and you may start to like going to work again. Build relationships all around you, both at work and outside of your job. This way you’ll have people available to you as a resource, should you choose to leave your company.

Take Advantage of Personal Development Opportunities

If your work is boring and you’re not being challenged then take the initiative to participate in professional development opportunities. Check with your company if they’ll fund any of the events or courses for you. Use your downtime to brush up on your skills and grow as a person and business professional. It’s okay to feel out of your comfort zone and not know the answers to all of the questions being thrown at you. This means you’re learning and expanding your knowledge. You may learn information that’s going to help you do your job better and make you see that you actually do love your line of work.

Request Feedback

Reach out and ask for feedback from coworkers and friends when you lack motivation. They may provide you with a few pieces of advice and suggestions that will shed some light on your current situation. It’ll give you a few goals to strive for and will be a positive way to fill your time. Feedback has the potential to be nerve-wracking, but it can also be quite motivating. Use your strengths to keep you feeling pumped up and confident and your areas for improvement as motivators to do a better job.

Exercise Early in the Morning

Exercising has a way of instantly improving your mood and making you feel better about yourself when you’re done with the workout. Use these endorphins high to put you in a good place right before heading into work. You’ll have the energy and inspiration early in the morning to tackle your work and give yourself a pep talk. Get in a routine and see if you feel better over time. You may find it brings positive improvements to several areas of your life.


Work isn’t always glamorous, and it has its moments where you start to second guess your entire being. In these times of questioning, remember what you do like about your job and focus on what you can change. Be proactive and remind yourself that you’re in control of your destiny. Try to find your spunk again and if you simply can’t then don’t be afraid to make a change. These are eight ways to stay motivated at your job.



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