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The Circle Of Business: From Ground To Office Communication

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Back in the days when you could see infancy of business itself lower ranking employees were kept in the dark. The guy at the bottom, rarely knew what was going on in other sectors of the company he worked for. Nowadays, things have remarkably changed. Businesses that do not have a circle of interaction and communication, will be hemorrhaging money and time at all stages in the supply chain. Hence why with software and services from companies like drink-it the boots on the ground in the factories to the heads in the boardroom, can all read from the same page. The gears, cogs, and bolts of a business can be compared to the various degrees of actions and people right across the chain of command. Everyone has their part to play, and with instantaneous sharing of information in real-time, different roles in a business can mold together as one united machine.

Designers and researchers

The beating heart of the business is always the process of creating your products and services. You set out a plan to make something that will not only provide customers with a better experience but also bring to life your unique ideas. This is why it’s crucial that researchers work together closely with the design elements of the business. The designers are artists, engineers, and mechanics all in one. They do so heartily wish to bring to life things that may be unfeasible or perhaps not something that consumers will respond positively to. However, the trouble is they work in different departments. It’s wise to have a communication interface for internal business cooperation. With such software in place, you can send documents, update the managers and project leads, relay statistics and information, as well as hold multi-level conversations at the same time.

Factory floor and managers

The busiest part of a business can sometimes be the factory floor. Here is where the physical action takes place, as orders, products, and shipments are being compiled all in one place. It’s vital then that your employees who are working in this environment are never too far away from the managers. Physically, the working area is going to be large, and therefore managers and floor workers are going to be out of earshot, which can lead to orders not being heard clearly. Of course, there is always one order tracker posted at his or her position nearer to the loading points. However, they cannot give the orders but only take them and track their progress. To smoothen the communication lines between the workers and their superior, you need an order management system that links them to the supply chain. Whatever product and batch managers have been ordered to fulfill, can be informed to the worker, and thus numerical errors are avoided.

The executives and the heads

Of all the stages of business, the most important communication interaction is between the boardroom and the heads of departments. It’s a push and pull, but ultimately the department heads should be relying as much on information to the board as possible. It’s understandable that as an executive you want to push forward with ideas and meet end goals that your business has set out to achieve. However, it’s vital that the heads of department are allowed into the boardroom more often. They can inform you of the realities of what’s going on in the offices, factories and distribution operations. Since this is more crucial than other forms of daily communication between different professionals in your business, it’s important that the majority is done in person. Encourage debate and discussion, and temporarily put ranks of superiority in the drawer and hold everyone as an equal.

Outside work conveyance

Work never stops, not in this day and age because for many day and night may be a visible observation but not beholden to time. People love to work on the weekend too, and no business that wants to get ahead should be keeping to the usual 9 to 5, Monday to Friday schedule. Therefore instruct the heads of department and managers to swap email addresses, phone numbers both mobile and home. In case they are needed if something goes wrong or another manager is on their shift, needs additional information which they don’t have.

Communication is itself a currency in the world of business. Without it, companies and command structures crumble. It’s important that workers have interfaces that allow them to see information clearly displayed while they work, and have it updated in real-time. Executives and heads of department must also be frank with one another, face to grown-up face conversation should not hurt egos in the boardroom. And, always keep researchers one step ahead of the designers as this is where costly mistakes are usually made during product design.

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