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The Two Types Of Employees

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Hiring an employee is always a risky move. You can never quite tell what they’re going to be like. Everyone puts on a bit of a front at interviews, it’s hard not to. Nerves get in the way and you’re desperate to impress. Your employees are no different to this. So when you’re interviewing them it can be hard to get a true understanding of what they’re really going to be like. After a few months, however, is when they really come out their shell. You’ll discover whether you’ve made a really good, or really bad choice. If you’re about to hire an employee, check out the two types there are, and how to make sure you get the right one.

Difficult Employees

A lot of people make the unfortunate mistake of hiring a bad employee, but it’s really hard not to do it as we said in the first paragraph. In the interview, you can do a few things to try and spot a bad employee. The first being a little check of their knowledge of the industry you work in, and your company. If they’re going to be an exceptional employee, they’ll definitely have done their research with regards to your company at least. You can also try to look at their mannerisms. Are they slouched and quiet, or are they sat upright and bubbly? There are a few major things that you want to try and regulate once you’ve hired your employees. Drug use, especially in the workplace, is on the rise more than people realize. The effects this will have on production levels etc will be devastating. Random drug testing is advised, especially if you have employees that operate machinery. There are other progress checks you can do as well that will determine whether your employees are fit for the job. Monthly progress reports from line managers can all help you determine whether they’re going to stay a good employee.


Good employees will help to propel your business to success before you know it. There are some telltale signs that we mentioned in the above paragraph that you can look for. If they already know about your company and have taken time to do the research to know about their role. They’ll also have genuine questions to ask you in the interview. Not ones like ‘how long do you get on lunch. It’ll be the ones that are questioning your processes, how you got where you are, things like that. They’ll always have the best timekeeping, and they will always be willing to do overtime if you ever needed it. It’ll also be really easy to build an instant rapport with them. They’ll always want to be on your side, so will always be doing anything to impress you. This helps with the daily running of processes more than you’ll realize.

So, the main way to make sure you get a good rather than bad employee is by focusing on the interview stage in particular. If you find yourself with a bad employee don’t be afraid to lose them in search of a better one.



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