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4 Ways To Increase Your Commercial Property Security

Security is a huge factor in business, and it’s not just about data security. The security of your physical property is imperative to your success and low insurance costs. If you haven’t taken all the right steps to keep intruders out of your business, you are going to leave yourself open to an attack. It’s a sad world to live in when you think that you have to lock down everything in your office to protect your interests, but it’s the nature of competitive business to protect yourself against attacks from others.

There are some steps that you can take as a business to ramp up the security of your business property and your premises:

Risk Assessments. The first thing that you can do as a business is to identify the weak spots in your business and capitalize on them. Get input from your staff as to what can be improved and once you have their input you can start making the right changes as soon as possible.

Entry Points. Thinking about office security, you need to secure your entry points to your office. There could be more than one way to get into your office and if you haven’t secured them correctly, you are leaving your possessions and technology open to theft. This would then need to be recovered from insurance and if you install the right security doors and cameras, you can minimise your risk.

Safeguard Equipment. This doesn’t just come down to the equipment like laptops and business iPads, but also vehicles. By implementing the right GPS tracking, you can ensure your business vehicles are covered in the event of theft. Securing the technology in the office itself is important, but your business may be one that requires staff to bring their own tablets. Make sure that your insurance covers you for equipment outside of the office.

Online Protection. It’s not just the office and physical equipment that you need to be aware of. You need to be very aware of the risks of cybercrime. A good IT department should have put up the right firewalls and protection to help your online presence stay secure. Have your staff choose good, strong passwords so that they cannot be hacked, and regularly backup your systems so that if the worst did happen, you can recover.

Preparation for the worst is important, even if it does feel like it’s not the way that things should be. Always conduct regular inspections and detailed inventories so that you can keep track of your equipment and ensure that your assets are protected. Your business has to be secure if you hope to keep going and making a profit. The amount of money lost in theft and cyber attacks is staggering, and it’s only getting worse as criminals think of more ingenious ways to take what isn’t theirs. Locks, padlocks, passwords, and codes are the way to keep your business as safe as possible. Train your staff on all of these and you can minimise your theft risk.


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