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In 2014, the number of mobile devices (7.22 billion) surpassed the number of people on the planet (7.2 billion). Things have just continued to explode from there, as devices are multiplying at a rate five times faster than humanity’s 1.2 percent per year. If you’re still lagging behind in future technology, there’s no better time than now to jump into this omnipresent fad. Consider investing in one or more of these affordable tech gadgets that offer modern features at an affordable price.


In 2017, GSMA estimates that 49 percent of the world will use mobile internet thanks to 3.5 billion users across the globe. Much of this increase can probably be attributed to the affordability of modern phones. The same study estimated that the average smartphone costs $100 to $200 in markets across the world.

If you’re on a budget when it comes to your new phone but still want the latest features, consider phones like the Honor 6X or Moto G5 Plus. At just $180 and $230 respectively, these phones both include a quality 12 MP camera, fingerprint technology, LTE bands and dual sim capabilities.

For those who’d rather have a brand name or flagship phone, brand new, top-of-the-line phones like the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note8 can cost you as little as $30 a month with a low upfront payment.

Wearable Tech

Things like fitness bands, smartwatches and mobile health devices are skyrocketing in popularity, with about one in six people using the technology. These devices are a great way to track your activity and health. They can assist you in counting steps, calories burned, your heart rate, your blood oxygen levels, your sleep patterns and much more. Overall, studies show that most people choose them for their convenience, while 35 percent use them as an add-on to their smartphone.

One of the most popular wearable devices is the Fitbit, but these can retail up to $300. To save some money, buy them from a third party retailer that offers payment plans, such as Amazon or QVC. Instead of buying the high-priced Fitbit Ionic or Blaze, you could try a lower cost device like the Zip, which records your steps, distance traveled and how many calories you burned for the low price of $60.

Smart Home Gadgets

Smart home gadgets are the latest trend to hit the market. Devices like Google Home, Alexa and Mykie all lead the top of the pack in sales with the capability to turn your lights on and off, follow your commands to play music or research facts or even lock your doors.

While some experts might try and convince you to upgrade your entire home to all the latest gadgets, this just isn’t financially feasible. Instead, try lower-cost alternatives like the Amazon Echo Dot, which retails at $49.99 and has all of the features of the more expensive Echo products. Additionally, with a $29.99 smart plug outlet like the TP-Link Smart Plug, you can control whatever is plugged into the outlet with the Echo Dot or an app on your phone.

In most cases, there’s a piece of technology out there for everyone’s budget. You just have to do a little research to find a device that has the latest features at the right price.

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