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June 15, 2015
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Dara Wilson talks working in Tech as a Black Woman in Silicon Valley

Dara Wilson talks working in Tech as a Black Woman in Silicon Valley

Blavity, the digital news platform for black millennials, has just launched a timely web series that highlights stories and perspectives of black women in tech in Silicon Valley.

In the first installment the team catches up with Dara Wilson, a Philadelphia native, who works as a product marketing manager for Google Fiber at the tech giant’s headquarters in San Francisco. Wilson, a 2009 Harvard University graduate, talks candidly about her experiences and navigating the highly competitive technology industry.

“I like working in the tech industry because your work can be evaluated objectively, which can help a bit with any latent racism or sexism,” says Wilson. “You can look at the numbers.”

“But as we encourage more and women to enter I think it’s also on us to take care of those women. Sell it as being as great as it is but also being really honest about how tough it can be. And letting people know they need to build up their structural support network before they enter and nurture it while they’re there.”

Can can view the original video on here.

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