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While it wasn’t the case a few years ago, website design is now something that all businesses large and small need to consider. While there have never been more tools are available at your disposal right now, this doesn’t mean that crafting a successful website is a straightforward affair. There are numerous aspects that need to be deliberated before delivering a site with true quality. While there are points that cannot be covered in a brief article such as this, the following points – from the basis of an idea to getting professional help – will show how it is possible to set up a website in just 24 hours.

Come up with an idea

Yes, this is an obvious step. However coming up with and settling on an idea is the most important part of the website creation process. Ensure you stick with a clear message so that people will get your brand immediately, while also choose something that you have a passion about – after all, you will be more likely to lose interest in your website project if things aren’t going well and it’s on a subject you do not really care about!

Settle on a host and domain name

When you’ve settled on your idea, the next move is to choose a web host and domain name. In terms of a web host, there are many options available. While all of them will claim to offer the best uptime guarantees, customer service, and features, it is important you read reviews from real customers to see if it correlates with their lofty statements. As for a domain name, choose one that will match your brand in an effective manner.

Develop with WordPress

Sure, there are popular alternatives to WordPress. Yet in terms of simplicity, quality, and support, WordPress is arguably the best choice for beginners. Now while it is easy to create an acceptable website within 24 hours on your own, the aim should be to create something spectacular. Speaking of which…

Hire a developer

Even though it is easy to use, there will always be some teething problems when using WordPress (or any other platform) for the first time. Whilst guides are available to help with most issues, the best option available is to hire help. After all, there are plenty of freelance WordPress developers ready to provide their assistance whenever needed. As well as solving any difficulties you’ve encountered, these professionals will have the expertise to push your site up to the next level in terms of design and functionality.

Test your work

You might have spent countless hours on the creation of your website and think that it’s complete, but you still need to dedicate a sizeable portion of time towards testing. After all, a dead link or corrupted page might have crept through the cracks – and when new visitors turn up on your site, you don’t want them to be met with errors that will lead to them leaving and not giving you a second chance. Again, hiring a freelance developer will help in spotting any potential problems.

Spread the word

Once everything is created, optimized and tested, it is time to share your work with the world. To do this, you can use common social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. On top of that, sharing content on similar-themed blogs – and with a link back to your site – is highly recommended. In terms of marketing, also don’t forget to follow the most recent rules for SEO so you rank high on Google. Oh, and you can also hire a freelancer for this aspect as well!





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