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Safety Bollards Offer Solid and Reliable Asset Protection

Safety Bollards Offer Solid and Reliable Asset Protection

Busy working environments such as factories and warehouses are likely to contain valuable equipment that can be costly to replace or repair. Such areas are also likely to have equipment such as pallet trucks and forklifts that may cause damage to this equipment. Accidents do happen, no matter how careful you may be, so it is best that you do what you can to protect your valuable assets if and when accidents do occur. In working environments, as described, this means safety bollards that help to protect your valuable assets from impacts.

Making the investment to have them installed could potentially help to save you a lot of money in the long term.

Staff Safety

It is not only your material assets that need to be protected, of course. There is also a moral obligation to ensure that your staff are kept as safe as possible when in the workplace. In addition to the moral obligation, there is also a legal obligation, and not meeting this obligation could potentially see you landed with severe penalties. One way to help ensure staff safety is to have safety bollards installed on your premises.

Maintain Clear Safety Zones

Safety bollards not only provide a physical protective barrier in the case of a collision, they also provide a visual barrier to help ensure that people keep clear of zones that are potentially hazardous. By defining clear walkways, the risks of personnel coming into harm’s way are kept to a minimum. Providing a clearly visible barrier also helps people operating machinery such as fork-lifts and delivery vehicles to recognize off-limit zones.

Shock Absorbing Technology

Safety bollards and other such safety barriers in the past would have been constructed mainly of rigid metal and similar materials. While these would have offered protection to valuable assets, they risked becoming damaged in the case of an impact. This could render certain sections being closed off for safety reasons, as well as the potential to have them repaired or replaced.

Using the latest materials and understanding of physics, however, modern safety bollards and other barriers can be designed to absorb the impact in a way that no damage is caused. The barriers can simply flex thanks to modern flex impact technology and return to its normal position, meaning that there is no loss of functionality. This can help to save a lot in terms of man-hours lost and money spent on repairs.

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